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Program Development

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This section is for existing NEMO programs.

Needs Assessment & Evaluation Materials

Included, are a collection of members' local impact evaluations, workshop questionnaire forms, needs assessment tools and some helpful tips for creating your own surveys and questionnaires. Share your evaluation tools with the Network, we will post your materials here.

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Funding Resources

I know it's all about sub-base, but funding your program is probably the other priority. Here is a non comprehensive resource list.

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Sharing Materials

Recommended Procedures (as agreed to at NEMO U3)

The prospective author would notify the Network via the list-serve of his/her intent to author a publication, and ask if any other project is interested in collaborating. How to handle the response is entirely up to the author, but at least this will decrease duplication and promote regional or topical collaboration.

The lead author(s) would commit to have 3-5 in-house technical reviewers, of his/her choosing. These could be from their department, collaborating agencies, etc.

The lead author(s) would send out a late draft to 3-5 Network reviewers for an outreach/applicability review, i.e., for comments that would relate to the educational, not technical, aspects of the publication. Responding to these reviews is again at the author’s discretion.

The author(s) would send the publication to the Hub for posting on the Member Resources (password protected) site, so that other projects can adapt it as needed (with credit, see below). If the publication has broad applicability, with the author’s permission the Hub will also pour the publication into a “NEMO Network” format, and post it in PDF form on an unprotected “Network Publications” page. Finally, of course, the author is encouraged to publish it in any format desired, on their own website.

Giving Credit

1. As per the Network Policy Statement, publications and presentations adapted from other Network programs should give prominent credit to the originating program.

2. In the case that several Network materials are used in the making of a new publication or presentation, i.e., used more as reference materials than as a template for an adaptation, the material should either note these as references, if appropriate, or include the phrase “Adapted from resource materials of the National NEMO Network.”

3. Network Affiliation: As stated in the Charter, Network members agree to recognize and promote their relationship to the National Network. Therefore, all NEMO related materials should contain the following acknowledgement:

[name of your program] is a charter member of the National NEMO Network.

4. Network Logo: Also, whenever possible and practicable all materials should display the National NEMO Network logo. NEMO Network logos are available for your use from the Hub, contact Kara Bonsack.

Example Job Descriptions

These listings are meant for example purposes only and are not necessarily current job positions available within the Network.

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Design Tips & Resources

The Hub has collected links from around the internet that could be useful in creating publications, presentations, websites and more.

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