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The National LID Atlas was created to highlight innovative LID practices around the country. Its goal is to encourage and educate local officials and others about low impact development practices by providing specific, local examples of their use.

The 32 member programs of the National NEMO Network have compiled the projects highlighted on this site and will continue to add new projects as they become available. Each project balloon contains project specifics, a summary of the project, photos (when available) and links to more information. Contact your local NEMO program or the NEMO Hub to have your projects added to the site.

´╗┐Introducing LID Atlas 2.0

The National NEMO Network has launched version 2 of the National Low Impact Development (LID) Atlas. Based on Network member feedback, we have made several adjustments to the Atlas that should make it an even more user-friendly resource for adding and locating low impact development projects around the country, including: Adding projects made easy. No more waiting for a lonely grad student to wonder into your office looking for a volunteer project to get your projects added to the Atlas. Now, if you already have a database of LID projects, you can add them to the Atlas in one fell swoop. Just save/export your data as an excel file that matches the Atlas format. Contact the Hub for an excel template file. Now works with IE. We fixed a glitch in the system that was confusing the popular yet antiquated Microsoft Internet Explorer, so the Atlas now should work fine in the current version of all major browsers. Added search capabilities. We added the ability to search by project type, land use type and/or keyword to the embedded version of the Atlas (i.e. the version you can load on your very own website with just your state showing).

This site was a collaborative effort between the Connecticut NEMO Program, the National NEMO Network and the California Water and Land Use Partnership (WALUP).    

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