Tentacular:(adj) of or relating to or resembling tentacles. A great word that we think nicely describes the multi-faceted nature of NEMO University, as well as the outreach experts it brings together. Plus its a lot of fun to say.

Welcome to NEMO U8

The 8th NEMO University conference will be held on the shores of majestic Lake Superior in surprisingly* awesome downtown Duluth.** It brings together members of the National NEMO Network, Sea Grant educators, university extension agents, and other outreach educators from around the country working with communities to protect natural resources through efective land use planning and site design. If you are one of those people, or would like to be, we encourage you to attend.

This site has all you need to know to learn about, plan for, and participate in the conference. Check out the agenda and then just register. You won't regret it.

For those who are particularly indecisive we have provided a virtual magic 8 ball on the right to help answer any questions you may have. Other questions can be directed to Network Coordinator David Dickson.

* To those who have never been.

** Yes, we know there are no known tentacled creatures in Lake Superior. It's more of an abstract reference than a literal one. Work with us here.


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