Network Charter

´╗┐The National NEMO Network is a group of affiliated programs that educate local land use decision makers about the relationship of land use to natural resource protection. In order to maintain the communication and cohesion necessary to exist as a viable Network, and to ensure the level of collaboration required to grow and evolve together as a Network, we hereby agree to the following statements.

As a National Network member, we endorse these common elements:

  1. Our program is a non-regulatory, educational program. Our educational materials and methods are intended for educational, non-commercial use only.
  2. Our program was adapted and/or created with the knowledge and assistance of the University of Connecticut NEMO Program.
  3. Our program endorses the Network mission statement of helping communities better protect natural resources while accommodating growth. To this end, our program addresses land use issues and promotes natural resource-based land use planning and other, related techniques.
  4. Our program has a primary target audience of local land use decision makers, as defined by program partners for our area.

As a National Network member, we agree to:

  1. Recognize the central coordinating role of the University of Connecticut NEMO "Network Hub", and the importance of the two-way communication with the Hub upon which this coordination depends. The Hub stays in regular communication with Network members and facilitates communication among Network programs. Hub services include Web-based communication, Network conferences, workshops, phone consultations and liaison activities with the National NEMO Network Interagency Work Group.
  2. Recognize and promote our relationship with the National NEMO Network. While our program remains principally identified with our partner organizations, we agree to recognize our relationship with the Network on our educational materials and products as per guidelines circulated by the Hub. We also agree to represent the Network at meetings or conferences, when deemed appropriate by consultation between us and the Hub.
  3. Share information and materials freely with other Network programs, so that the Network becomes "more than the sum of its parts" through the multiplying effects of information sharing. Materials adapted directly from other Network programs must acknowledge the original program as deemed appropriate by that program.
  4. Provide information and materials to the Network Hub, for the purposes of information sharing and Network-wide reporting and marketing. The Hub will collect and organize these materials into Network publications and reports, for the use and benefit of the entire Network.

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