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NEMO Programs and the Healthy Watersheds Initiative

From March 7, 2012
Presented by: Laura Dlugolecki and Laura Gabanski from the U.S. EPA NPS Branch

Run Time: 00:43:31

While the majority of national water quality programs focus on impaired waters, the U.S. EPA’s Healthy Watersheds program focuses on the conservation and protection of the healthy ones. The program focuses on identifying healthy watersheds and then pursuing a variety of Conservation approaches. Many of the approaches dovetail very nicely with the NEMO approach – watershed assessment and analysis using GIS, green infrastructure and landscape conservation, land protection, land use ordinances, etc. While the initiative is relatively new, it is one we are likely to hear a lot more about soon. This webinar will focus on what the program is, where it’s going, and how outreach programs like NEMO can contribute to it.



This section serves as a repository for all NEMO-related videos. We will contiue to add links to videos as they become available.

Luck Isn't Enough: the Fight for Clean Water

From the CT NEMO Program

1995. Run Time: 00:13:40

A NEMO classic and winner of an international film industry award for creative excellence. This educational video was produced for the general public on non-point source pollution—its causes, effects and what individuals and communities can do to combat it.

Stormwater 101 (Nonpoint Source Pollution)

From the CT NEMO Program

2007. Run Time: 00:05:06

This video provides some basic background information on what nonpoint source pollution is and why it is a problem. It is useful to anyone who is trying to get a basic understanding of what impacts nonpoint source pollution has on our local water bodies. This video was made for use on the Jordan Cove Urban Watershed Project website, a collaborative effort between the University of Connecticut's Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and CLEAR and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.