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Needs Assessment & Evaluation Materials

Strategery. Whether you are just starting to develop a NEMO program or have been doing NEMO for years and just want to see if it is working, this page can help. Here we have compiled a virtual library of resources from around the Network on building and evaluating a NEMO program. In addition to examples from around the Network, we include some tips on designing an effective survey.

Needs Assessments

As defined by the NOAA Coastal Services Center - The term "needs assessment" has become strongly associated with education and instructional design. However the same basic process is used to determine customer needs and wants for products and services. In business the term used is "market research", with the target market for a product or service equivalent to the target audience for a class or other training. Needs analysis, market research, market analysis, and needs assessments are terms used somewhat interchangeably to describe this process.

New Hampshire NROC Program

The NH NEMO Program, NROC, does a great job program assessment. Their approach is to work intensively with a town providing a a variety of presentations, resources, and assistance. In the beginning they sit down with each town and asses where they are. Below you will find:

CT NEMO Program

CT NEMO's Logic Model

NOAA Coastal Services Center

The Hub recommends visiting the NOAA Coastal Services Center's online tutorial designed to familiarize you with the terminology, tools and methods of needs assessments. The following main points are discussed:

  • How to develop assessment instruments such as surveys and questionnaires
  • Understanding where needs assessments fit in the project development process
  • Basic steps in conducting needs assessments

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Workshop Evaluations

The following evaluations have been collected from Network members and are posted here as examples of the diversity of evaluation forms being used throughout the Network. The Hub requests copies of any drastically modified or newly created evaluation forms, for posting here.

Pre-workshop Questionnaire

Post-workshop Questionnaire

Impact/Outcome Reports

CT NEMO - Putting Communities in Charge

Contact Micheal Dietz, CT NEMO Program Director

TN NEMO - Tennessee Growth Readiness; Water Quality Matters

Contact Joel Haden, Sustainable Development Project Manager

Independent Program Assessments
New Hampshire NEMO - NROC
Create Effective Surveys & Questionnaires

The following resources have been added in an effort to help members plan and implement surveys and questionnaires. The Hub highly recommends these websites and reports for their overall informative content and ease of use.

Survey Monkey Website

Survey Monkey has a single purpose: to enable anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily.

The Survey System Website

Creative Research System's Survey System

“The Survey System is the most complete software package available for working with survey questionnaires.” -

  1. Establish the goals of the project - What you want to learn
  2. Determine your sample - Whom you will interview
  3. Choose interviewing methodology - How you will interview
  4. Create your questionnaire - What you will ask
  5. Pre-test the questionnaire, if practical - Test the questions

Sample Size Calculator Online

Survey & Questionnaire Online Tutorial

“This tutorial will teach you how to conduct a survey and design a questionnaire. You'll learn the latest survey research techniques...what works and what doesn't. You'll discover the secrets used to maximize survey response rates, and how to design a questionnaire that gets at the true opinions of your sample. The tutorial is packed with information! It tells everything you need to begin writing your own market research surveys right now.”

Survey Tips from the Hub

Before & After Survey Example

Using a member's existing survey as an example, we created a "before" and "after" sample survey to explain how to create a more effective survey using basic design techniques.

Before Survey - The original member survey.

After Survey - The same survey modified.

Before & After Critique - This critique explains what changes were made to the "before" survey and why. Numbered points correlate to points on the "after" survey.